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Thursday, June 9, 2011

NYC Forgot Spring

First, Mother Nature tried to keep making winter "happen," and now summer is in full swing. Apparently, there was some spring thrown in there, but I must have missed it. This is probably because I spend the majority of my day inside.

I actually somewhat like summer running. I think its because when I run really slow, I have an automatic excuse in "it was really hot." Perfect, right?

In case anyone was wondering, I have brought back the ol' sportband when I have remembered to put it on. Its horribly uncalibrated, so I should probably get on that for accuracy's sake.

On another running note, when I first started running I took a lot of walk breaks and consider this a "failure." I tried to blame it on the fact that I was used to little breaks in between hard bouts of effort in tennis and not the fact that I was either out of shape, mentally weak, or just terrible at running. The other day, when I was procrastinating studying for my surgery exam (as I am now), I read this on purplepatchfitness somewhere (shout out to Jesse Thomas [www.leapdaysports.com], a super triathlete, who is coached by this guy which is how I found this awesome website):
We include walk breaks for every level of purplepatch athlete (including the pro's!) to allow perfect biomechanics, limit unecessary stress and optimize recovery.

Which got me thinking, are walk breaks all that bad? Should I incorporate so I actually run more than I shuffle? Hmm...

Courtney and I ran some 400s and 200s on Tuesday and I don't know which is more painful, those or a marathon. I definitely was in some gastrointestinal distress for 24 hours afterward. TMI, I know. The conversation before we started will give you some insight into our friendship:
- M: "So, I'm not gonna stay with you."
- C: "Yes you are"
- M: "Mmm, ok. You can time them."
- C: "Ok, lets go."
- M: "Wait! I'm going to time them to."
- C: "You're only doing that so you don't have to keep up."
....start running
- C: "Stop sprinting."
- M: "This is fine!"
...200 meters lady

Courtney, Jess, and I then saved the corner of 1st Ave and 25th Street from a terrible fire. (The garbage can was on fire and we called 911...go us.)

Needless to say, this little Mini 10K is going to be hmmm....well I'm just not going to think about how unpleasant it might be.

I gotta work on thinking positive.

I'm curious if anyone out there amongst my vast, vast readership has thoughts on 1) walk breaks and 2) my attitude towards running.


  1. NY Times article about taking walk breaks while running.


  2. I DEF thought about taking some walk breaks today! So HUMID.